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Induction Sessions

 Pricing and booking information

  • Induction sessions are available at specific time slots.
  • £15 for an induction.
  • Max group size of 8 people.
  • Please ring 0121 448 3736 or email to book.
  • Please note that you must be over the age of 14 to partake in a Boulder Central Induction.
  • Inductions may also be booked outside of predetermined slots, however, the induction cost must be paid up front and is non refundable.

The Induction Session covers:

  • A tour of the centre
  • Advice on how to climb  from our qualified instructors
  • Explanation on the climbing grading system
  • The best safety practices and procedures in the centre
  • Hints and tips for you to make the most out of Boulder Central

Is the induction session for me?

If you are new to bouldering or have little experience of indoor bouldering walls, the induction session is for you. Inductions last up to 45 minutes and during this time our qualified instructor will be on hand to give advice and safety information.

If you have children aged 7-14 and wish to bring them to Boulder Central, you can partake in an induction session. After this, your children can be added to your account for you to supervise. (1:2 ratio when supervising children)


If you have not done this before, then the induction session is definitely needed! I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected, the men in our group got a bit competitive, but there is more than enough space for others to find quiet corner and keep trying new and harder routes. Would definitely recommend to others, and hope to go again with my family in future. – Visited September 2015 (trip advisor)

Also voted into the top 5 bouldering venues in the uk