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Better Bouldering

Looking to improve your climbing but not really sure how?
These technique classes are for anyone who have a hit a plateau with their bouldering and want coaching help progress!

What’s Included?

The Boulder Central coaching staff will select a wide variety of boulder problems to test your climbing skills. Throughout the session you will be given helpful tips, exercises and advice to help improve areas of weakness. From watching you climb, your coach will then be able to identify weaknesses within your psychological, physical and technical ability on the wall.

What does is cost?

  • £20 for one 60 minute session 1:1
  • £30 for one 60 minute session 1:2 (£15 each)
  • £40 for one 60 minute session 1:3 (£13.33 each)
  • £50 for one 60 minute session 1:4 (£12.50 each)

All prices do not include equipment hire but do include a day pass to be used afterwards.
Please book in advance.