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Mega Comp 28th April 2013

A mega competition for anybody to get involved in!

Boulder Central's Mega Comp



Male Open:

Nathan Phillips 240
Michael Goldthorp 199
Alex Dexter 198
Alex Fry 195
Alex Watrerhouse 190
Jay Bryant 174
Paul Baillie 173
Nick Reyner 169
Patrick cleary 162
Duncan Fisher 151
Kieran King 143
Tim Peck 138
Ben Matthews 123
James Tunstall 119
Nathan Cook 116
Jonathan Sanderson 110
Elliot Walker 100
Richard Myerson 98
Perry Adams 97
Chris Seed 95
Ruban Smith 95
Hannes Marlock 88
Mark Chevassut 88
Taylor Matthews 81
Michael Hawksby 77
Josh Thompson 69
Matthew Bennet 67

Female Open:

Tara Hayes 165
Tash Allcock 90
Debbie Corbett 90
Zofia Lisowski 85
Caz Coleman 80
Rachel Morrison-Elliot 75
Charlotte Torrance 70
Ursa Krenk 64
Georgina Woodcock 64
Chloe Smith 60

Male U16s:
George Morris 268
Alex Oates 227
James Nock 227
Jack Griffin 224
Callum Dawson 214
Tom Critchlew 200
Max Prescott 195
Alex Prescott 188
Tom Frost 174
Spencer Needham 155
Alex Harvey 105
Josh Harper 90

Female U16s:
Leah Sohal 181
Ella Manchanda 165
Sarah Woodcock 90

Male Fun:
Mark Darby 230
Phil Finlan 211
Ben Capewell 210
Dan Hough 209
Jason Clewes 205
Clive Phillips 200
Darren Clarke 199
Daniel Greenhalgh 199
Andy 198
Mark Nicolos 198
Scott Griffin 192
Stu Ford 191
Mark Holroyd 188
Phil Waterhouse 177
William Walker 161
Craig Kingscott 160
Chris Smith 147
Paul Davies 140
David Cartor 137
Philip Mewis 134
Jeremy Walker 125
Mark Jones 119
Mike Croft 110
Simon Russell 110

Female Fun:
Dianna Wright 170
Zadeena Skelton 149
Josie Theasby 107
Nayomi Nock 91


Male Open:

1st Nathan Phillips - Top: 3, Tries: 3
2nd Alex Dexter - Top: 2, Tries: 2
3rd Michael Goldthorpe - Top: 2, Tries: 3

Female Open

1st Tara Hayes - Top: 3, Tries: 4
2nd Tash Allcock - Top: 2, Tries: 2
3rd Debbie Corbett Top: 1, Tries: 1

Huge well done to everyone!!!

Photos can be found here 

Registration Now Available HERE

Who can get involved?

Anybody can enter the competition. We have 6 categories to suit all abilities:

Male Open and Female Open

This category will have 25 qualifying problems and a world cup style final with 3 finalists and 3 problems - £250 up for grabs full list of prizes below.

U16's Males and U16's Females

This category is only for people aged under 16. Alternatively, under 16s can still choose to compete in the Open or Fun categories. This category will have 30 problems.

Fun Males and Fun Females

This category is recommended to anybody in their first year of climbing. This category will have 25 problems ranging from VB - V4/5.


Dates and Times

The competition will take place on Sunday 28th April.
1-2pm: Registration
2-4pm: Qualifying for the Open, U16 and Fun competitions
4pm-4.45pm: Free buffet for competitors, live music from Alex Carrington
4.45pm-5pm: Prize giving for U16 and Fun categories
5pm-6pm: Male and Female Open Finals
6pm: Open prize giving

Route setting

All routes will be set by 7 times British Bouldering Champion Gaz Parry along with the Boulder Central setting team.

All holds in the Open will be from Volx Holds


Usual scoring 10 points first try, 7 second etc with 25 problems.

Entry and Prizes

Entry for every category will be standard Boulder Central entry + £2 (bought in advance) or standard entry + £4 (bought on the day).
Advance entry purchases can be made at Boulder Central or online here.

Open Prizes: 

1st Place: £250
2nd Place: Wild Country Big Air Pad and a Wild Country tee
3rd Place: Red Chili Matador shoes (or similar from Red Chili)

U16 Prizes:

2nd Place: Red Chili Spirit shoes (or similar)
3rd Place: Wild Country tee

Fun Prizes:

1st Place: Wild Country tee

Raffle Winners

Everyone who competed in the Mega Comp automatically entered into the raffle and the winners are:
A Boulder Central year pass: Jack Griffin
A Boulder Central day pass: Daniel Greenhalgh
A Boulder Central hoody: Tara Hayes
A Boulder Central T-shirt: Ben Capewell
A cup of coffee: Chloe Smith
A tub of 25ml Tip Juice: Jason Clewes

Day Logistics and Organisation

To save time in the initial registration process, you can download relevant forms and fill them in beforehand. In order to climb at the competition, a participant must either be a member of Boulder Central or be supervised by an adult member with a 2:1 supervision ratio. Membership forms can be found here and supervision forms can be found here (over 18s) and here (under 18s).





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